Our history

Hadik Coffee House (Hadik Kávéház) is one of the legendary grand cafés of the city, which was restored to its original splendor in recent years. The café originally opened in 1911 and it became popular soon. Famous writers and journalists frequented the place and some of them like Karinthy, Móricz and Kosztolányi became regulars here.

They serve desserts and coffee and a small selection of appetizers, soups and entrées as well as an inexpensive prefix lunch menu on weekdays.


1111 Budapest,
Bartók Béla út 36.

Table reservation on phone:
+36 1 279 02 91
+36 20 502 2597

+36 1 279 02 91

Opening hours:
Sunday-Wednesday: 11:30-22:00
Thursday-Saturday: 11:30-23:00

You can make a reservation by clicking here.

Hadik Kávéház